Monday, April 28, 2014

Sitting in the Sunshine with Sunshine Girl

Today I took Amber Sunshine out. I sat on a lawn chair while she sat beside me. Today though she asked to come up in my lap! She hopped up and we cuddled for a long time. It got hot! I wanted to move into the shade. She would not let me put her down! She ducked her head and dug in her claws. I had to have Joe come and lift the chair to the shade while I held onto her. We cuddled for a couple more minutes. Joe said we are made of the same thing. We both love the sunshine and love to cuddle.

Amber Sunshine Girl in the Backyard on a beautiful April day 2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Update on Amber Sunshine including vet visitAmber Sunshine did her potty outside We watched her from the kitchen window...Then she came hurling back in the house in a flying furry and peed right on the dining room tile!!! Whaaaaaa??! AMBER!

Amber Sunshine is registered and vetted today! She passed with flying colors. Her weight is up to 11.5 and her new coat is coming in. The eye that looks a little to the right is ok. The ear that was itching is free and clear now. Only concern is that she has luxating patella floating knee caps I have that too. She eats too fast. Need to get her a slow feed dish at the pet store next time...Still peeing in the house..on the tile only...need to take her out myself more often...
She barked at some dogs and not at others...strange girl. She must have felt something..home now..tired

Amber Sunshine did her potty outside We watched her from the kitchen window...Then she came hurling back in the house in a flying furry and peed right on the dining room tile!!! Whaaaaaa??! AMBER!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Amber Sunshine Girl
is so full of love and cuteness that Joe and I are constantly coming up with new nicknames for her!
Fuzzy head
Sweet Girl
Pretty Girl
and my favorite Pancakes because she is golden and short
Short Legs

Amber Meets Little People

Amber Sunshine Girl met her first little people
We took a short walk. There was a nice boy on a bicycle who very gently took her face in his hands and said hi. Then he was off and rolling. A blond girl came up and petted her head. I told her our names Amber and Andrea. She said "Hey you both have the same! Your names start with the same letter!" very cute. And Amber was a very good girl. She got kinda tired after this walk. Maybe there was too much to see and smell. 

As a side note I hope to be able to train Amber Sunshine as a therapy assist dog for kids and elderly to enjoy her warm spirit

Hard Work

Well no one said having a dog was easy! I heard God speak to my heart in a very stern voice while I was holding Amber in my arms "You must take ESPECIALLY good care of her! Can you do that?" I kissed the top of her fuzzy head and said yes...yes I can..
It's been a week now and wow it is a lot of work. We have to build a second fence to keep the neighbor's dog from growling and fighting with her! Poor Joe is so good and is welding a huge fence to set 5 feet away from the first line of site. I did lots of research. A redundant fence is reccomended for growling and diggers. We have a digger. They have a growler. Hopefully this will solve the problem.
Amber is a sweet girl! We always get a laugh when she shakes her toys And I get a snuggle buddy when I wake up..
Lots of work? YOU BET! Worth it? YOU BET again!

How Amber Got Her Name

Amber Sunshine Girl was pulled from a shelter in Los Angeles in March of 2014. The new foster mom named her Sunshine because she looks like a ray of sunshine. I agree!
Once while communicating with her on her first night here. I was telling her about our former dog Toby and how he slept on the bed and then stopped sleeping on the bed when it was too hard for him to jump up. After that I heard this tiny voice say "But where does Amber sleep?" I said "Amber? Is that your name?" No comment but I'm pretty sure she was smiling. I heard the words to the song America the Beautiful. '...for amber waves of grain' Oh of course she is amber colored! So I combined the two names. for my Amber Sunshine Girl