Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adoption Day! April 5, 2014

We were invited to the Toyota Car dealership Crown Dog event and adoption fair by Lynn at Endless Pawsiblities dog rescue. I had been keeping my eye on 2 special dogs but they got adopted before my husband and I got there. I loved Bucky the Papillon and Sadie the Poodle mix. Then I saw a picture of Charlie a Shitzu mix. I recognised him in his pen immediately but he wanted nothing to do with me. Charlie sniffed my hand and did an about face! Then there was Sunshine. She was the newest member to the adoption event and wasn't quite healed from surgery. I walked her down the lane with no problem. She seemed a bit stressed by all the noise and chaos of the event so I picked her up. She melted like butter and layed in my arms for a whole half an hour while Lynn filled out paper work for the other 2 dogs. Sunshine reached out a paw to Joe and we were in love. "I'll take her!" We filled out the paper work again but Lynn told us we could not take her home yet. We needed to have a home inspection and more paper work. Joe and I left to go home and have  a late lunch. We got a call back saying that we could come and pick up Sunshine now that the event was over. Oh boy! Sunshine layed in Joe's arms so quietly while I filled out the last bit of paper work.
She layed still on my lap all they way home. We had to make a quick stop to Petsmart for some food and a couple of toys. When I let her out of the truck she marched right up the walk to the front door. She is home!

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