Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So I was feeling very anxious about caring for our new furry friend.
How can I be anxious about such a good little lady?
I went to the tub and had a good cry
Then I open my hands and my heart to God.
I immediately saw from Amber's point of view. 2 tall humans starring down at her pee puddle and looking at her with frowns.
I saw 2 desk chairs swiveling on fast spin if she left the room!
I got the word HYPERVIGILANCE in my head.
I remembered her going outside just to warm up on the patio under my chair and no one was out there with her. Just being her Sunny self
So I talked with Joe and now that she's got the rules we will just ignore a bit... and let her do her thing..
Wow I feel like a weight is off my heart!
It's always a blessing to bring things ...even little things to God...and to wait for the answer.
Joe said "oh ignore her more ok I got it."

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