Monday, April 14, 2014

Hard Work

Well no one said having a dog was easy! I heard God speak to my heart in a very stern voice while I was holding Amber in my arms "You must take ESPECIALLY good care of her! Can you do that?" I kissed the top of her fuzzy head and said yes...yes I can..
It's been a week now and wow it is a lot of work. We have to build a second fence to keep the neighbor's dog from growling and fighting with her! Poor Joe is so good and is welding a huge fence to set 5 feet away from the first line of site. I did lots of research. A redundant fence is reccomended for growling and diggers. We have a digger. They have a growler. Hopefully this will solve the problem.
Amber is a sweet girl! We always get a laugh when she shakes her toys And I get a snuggle buddy when I wake up..
Lots of work? YOU BET! Worth it? YOU BET again!

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